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Professionalism and high standards

The team EQUITY are leading experts in all branches of law, are guided by ethical principles of honesty, fairness and decency and provide a professional solution to legal problems of the client.


Lawyers EQUITY take into account the peculiarities of each client when choosing a strategy, determine the best approach and optimal methods of work according to the client's goals and the subtleties of his industry. Providing the client's comfort and achieving its goals is our most important task.

Mutual support and respect

Lawyers EQUITY - this is really a close-knit team. Thanks to mutual support and attentive attitude towards each other, it is pleasant and comfortable not only for lawyers but also for clients who experience an extremely friendly atmosphere in the company.

Raising the level of market standards

We believe that global changes start small. Therefore, introducing high values and standards of doing business in our activities, we contribute to the development of the legal market and business in Ukraine as a whole.

Decent payment

Workers EQUITY will receive a competitive salary, which stimulates them to new achievements.

Self improvement

The whole team, from trainee to partner, is interested in self-development! We encourage employees to participate in various professional and expert events and improve their qualifications.

Modern company

The team has repeatedly noted international and national ratings for its innovative and creative approach to work.


Almost 15 years of experience in the market allows us to solve the most complex and interesting tasks from customers.

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