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Enforcement proceedings

EQUITY law firm understands that actual enforcement of a judgment in favor of the client is the ultimate goal of the client in the proceedings initiated thereby.

To this end, EQUITY law firm has efficient lawyers who have successful experience of public service on senior positions in the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine (adviser Petro Salashny has an extensive experience as a top executive of ICE Department of Pechersk district administration of justice in the city of Kyiv, and others). Services rendered by EQUITY in the domain of enforcement proceedings include:

    • analysis of debtor’s financial status;
    • documented procedures to ensure the enforcement proceedings;
    • search for debtor's property;
    • search for debtor’s current accounts in all banking institutions of Ukraine;
    • the fastest location of immovable and movable property of the debtor;
    • sale of debtor’s property through trade organizations;
    • transfer to the plaintiff of immovable and movable property specified in the enforcement  document;
    • enforcement of rights against money funds of a legal entity.



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