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a creative approach to the cause! a deep understanding of the industry! respect for clients!

Welcome to EQUITY,

Top-Law Company of Ukraine is an extra-class, focused on national and international practice and known for its strong projects and a powerful team of top-level experts!

to promptly and effectively solve our clients’ problems with the help of a creative approach and innovative methods.


Strong team

A large and friendly team of highly qualified specialists - more than 45 lawyers and 8 partners.


15 years of experience in the Ukrainian legal market.


We provide a comprehensive support for clients’ projects: from the receipt of the task to the complete accomplishment of the project.

A deep understanding

An individual approach based on the deep understanding of the client’s goals and needs, as well as on our knowledge of the specific industry.


Professionalism and high standards

The EQUITY team unites leading experts in all branches of law, who are guided by ethical principles of honesty, justice and decency and provide a professional solution to legal problems of our clients.


In choosing the best strategy EQUITY lawyers take heed of each individual client, determine the best approaches and the most optimal methods of work in view of the client's goals and subtleties of their industry. The clients’ comfort and achievement of their goals is our priority task.

Mutual support and respect

EQUITY Lawyers make a really consolidated team. Thanks to mutual support and considerate attitude within the team, it is pleasant and comfortable not only to lawyers but also to clients, who can enjoy the extremely friendly atmosphere in our company.

Improving market standards

We believe that global changes start small. Therefore, introducing high values and standards of doing business, we contribute to the development of the legal market and business in Ukraine.


<span class="equity">EQUITY</span> successfully defended NBU in the Northern Appellate Commercial Court
EQUITY successfully defended NBU in the Northern Appellate Commercial Court

EQUITY succeeded in protection of interests of the Corporate non-state pension fund of the National bank of Ukraine in a dispute to contest validity of a mortgage agreement.

<span class="equity">EQUITY</span> has ensured protection of interests of PJSC «UkrInCom» / PJSC «UkrInBank»
EQUITY has ensured protection of interests of PJSC «UkrInCom» / PJSC «UkrInBank»

The EQUITY team ensured the orotection of interests of the client and persuaded the Cassation Commercial Court to refer the matter to the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court to determine the legal status of PJSC «UkrInbank»

<span class="equity">EQUITY</span>  presented projects of the AAU Court Practice Committee
EQUITY presented projects of the AAU Court Practice Committee

Oleg Malinevskiy, an EQUITY Partner and the Head of the Court Practice Committee of the Association of Advocates of Ukraine, presented to his colleagues projects of the AAU Court Practice Committee - II AAU Judicial Forum and a new Deliberation PRO court discussion format.